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Video: Resistance 3 a "greatest hits" of the series

I spoke to Marcus Smith, the video game series’ creative director.

September is almost here, which means it’s almost “holiday” video game season. From now until Christmas, the games industry will be turning to its big-gun blockbuster titles – which, like Hollywood, are almost inevitably sequels – to make a good chunk of its annual revenue.

One of the first big blockbusters to kick the season off will be Resistance 3, a first-person shooter for the PlayStation 3. The Resistance series is set an alternative version of Earth in the 1950s, where a bunch of alien creatures called the Chimera have invaded. The third iteration, which is sure to be a big hit, hits stores on Sept. 6.

I spoke to Marcus Smith, the series’ creative director from Insomniac Games, at a launch event in Toronto on Wednesday. Above is a snippet of that interview, wherein Smith discussed how the new game is a “greatest hits” package of the previous two.