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WATCH: Danny MacAskill toys around in Red Bull's newest video: Jeff Beer

Still the best in branded content.


Red Bull may, technically, be an energy drink company but content and entertainment have become just as big a part of its branded bread and butter. Sure, between Crashed Ice, Flugtag and the airplane races they’ve been doing content for eons but with its new-ish media house division, the brand is creating more and more stuff of the highest quality. The newest is a video called “Imaginate” starring biker Danny MacAskill, and it’s right out of any kid’s daydreams.

MacAskill takes his mutant-like skills —first gaining world exposure four years ago with this—and shrinks to test them out with everyday toys. It’s seven minutes of mesmerizing fun but it’s also a look at the perseverance Red Bull has when it comes to its content. The brand blew the doors off with its Stratos project, when Felix Baumgartner made a leap into the record books and scored Red Bull Super Bowl-worthy commercial exposure. But it’s next big effort, sending Russian extreme sports star Valery Rozov to do the highest B.A.S.E. jump of all time, was widely considered a flop.

That would’ve been enough to send most major brands back to the drawing board to reconsider its content strategy but, as this new MacAskill video illustrates,  its years and years of content creation combined with a rock-solid commitment and confidence in its strategy prevent it from being easily scared. It’s not an approach easily imitated, but it is an indication of the fortitude brands will have to have if they want to play in the content game.