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Weekly blog roundup

This week, the roundup of Canadian financial blogs reports on: re-gifting at Christmas time, the hottest women on business TV, setting up a white-collar court, rapacious financial fees, a scholarship set up by a bloggers group and other topics. Meanwhile, there are proposals to increase the retirement age for CPP, which would amount to a substantial cut in benefits to citizens who have already paid into the plan. But the only postsI could find on this important topic ( at least to me) were by The Wealthy Boomer.
Andrew Hallamdissects the fees charged by some financial companies
Balance Junkiereviews John Authurs book, The Fearful Rise of Markets
Big Cajun Manproposes the re-gifting option for Christmas
Boomer & Echodiscusses the fine art of postponing consumption
Canadian Capitalistreviews the Globe and Mails discount broker rankings
Canadian Couch Potatochecks out the Claymore Global Monthly Advantaged Dividend ETF
Canadian Financial DIYnotes P/E ratios are better than Beta in predicting downside risk
Dividend Guyscreens forCanadian dividend stocks
Financial Highwayhighlights places to visit for location-independent lifestyles
Financial Uproars5 hottest women on business TV
InvestingThesis.cominterviews Bruce Campbell about Kinross Gold
Invest it Wiselymentions The Yakezie group of bloggers has launched a scholarship program
LandLord Rescuehas tips for dealing with tenants
Loonie Binlooks at renting vs. buying a home.
Million Dollar Journeymakes some good points regarding succession planning
Michael Jamessays no thanks to No-PIN debit cards
Passive Income Earnerfinds an IPO paying a nice dividend
SteadyHandquotes Warren Buffett on gold.
Thicken My Walletsuggests it may be time for a white-collar court.
Tracking errorsexamines the coming ETF collapse.
Triaging My Waynot a fan of Quadravests new Dividend Select 15 fund
Wealthy Boomerhas several posts onraising the retirement age for CPP .