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Weekly blog roundup

The arrival on March 1 of usage-based billing (UBB) means higher costs for people who downloadvideo and other bandwidth-intensive files from the Internet. Several bloggers vented their spleens on this turn of events, replete with allusions to petitions and letters to MPs . Other topics this week in the Canadian financial blogosphere included: critiques of dividend investing, value-informed indexing, RRSP/RRIF angst and portfolio moves.
Andrew Hallamconverts his $700k stock portfolio to a simple index portfolio
Balance Junkielabels smart meters dumb
BigCajunmanviews UBB asfait accompli.
Blessed by the Potatoescalates the war against UBB
The Blunt Bean Counterseesangst over RRSPs as so Alfred E. Neuman-ish
Canadian Capitalistreviews The Investment Answer.
Canadian Couch Potatolaunches another withering broadside atdividend investors
Canadian Finance Blogdiscusses value-informed indexing — I think I like it!
Divestormoves further into cash and, like the fox, waits for his opportunities.
Howtoinvestonline.cominvestigates share buybacks vs. dividends
Invest it Wiselytells thestory ofa Chinese woman NOT raised by a tiger mom.
Investment Talk with SBrunnerasks if dividend investing is dead.
Marc Saltzman of Moneyvillehas a good primer/analysis oftheUBB hullabaloo
Million Dollar Journeyreviews Derek Fosters latest book about idiot millionaires
Michael Jamesthinksthe benefits of dividend investing are mainly emotional
Riscario Insiderputs the spotlight on insurance agents and doesnt like what he sees
Samson Okalowis on the UBB beat.
Triaging My Wayprovides advice on the Smith Manoeuvre
Todays Economy Blogreports that the Mawer groupseesEurope emerging stronger
Retire Happy Blogis the new blog site for Jim Yihs WealthyWebGurus website
Wealthy Boomercontinuesrailing against RRSPs and RRIFs