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Weekly roundup of blogs

This week in the roundup we have a blogger who does not want stocks to go up, a defense of DSC fees, the notion of financial fasting, tips on how to clean your DVDs and a recommendation to pay for everything with a credit card — and much more.
Andrew Hallamdiscloses fees and special incentives earned by Raymond James advisers
Balance Junkiebelieves 0% to 100% stock allocations can be explained by risk tolerance
BigCajunManhas another Leacock moment in his titanic struggle with RESP withdrawals
Boomer & Echoadvises paying for nearly everything with credit cards (that offer points).
Bucks n Bytesreveals how to clean DVDs
Canadian Capitalistnot deterred by currency fees on U.S. listed ETFs
Canadian Couch Potatowonders if currency fees detract from U.S. listed ETFs
Canadian Dreamreaches a major milestone: his 1,000th post
Canadian Finance Blogexplores the notion of financial fasting.
Early Retirement Extremeexamines if early retirement requires too much sacrifice.
Financial Bloggerrefocusing his blogs.
Financial Thinkingexpounds onasymmetric payoffs.
InvestingThesis.cominterview explores one money managers approach to asset allocation
Invest it Wiselydiscourses on opportunity costs
LandLord Rescuecuts loose with a review of The RESP Book
Lior Hershkovitzoffers one of most comprehensive guides to variable mortgages
Loonie Binfinds comfort in dividends after the hurricane strikes
Michael Jamesobserves that surveys of GIC rates may miss some of better rates
Moneygardenerrecommends a book, How Rich People Think
Money Smartsdefends DSC fees
My Own Advisordoesnt want stock prices to go up
Rob Carrickgives airtime to the other side of the bond-bubble thesis
Susan Brunnerbuys more shares in Leons Furniture
Wealthy Boomerraises some issues about using account-aggregator site
Wealth Stewardthinks high fees may be defensible if fund has low volatility
WhereDoesAllMyMoneyGodiscusses importing vs. buying local a car