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Worst Christmas ever: let your kids be T-Pain

The T-Pain microphone Auto-Tunes your child's bad singing in real time. Nothing good can come of this.

There was a depressing story in the The Globe and Mail the other day about how toy retailers aren’t stocking as much product this year because of the economic slowdown. The story itself wasn’t nearly depressing as the sidebar that ran with it in the print edition, which listed this year’s hot Christmas toys.

Right there in the middle of the list was the I Am T-Pain microphone. If you don’t know who T-Pain is, he’s a rapper. More specifically he’s the rapper synonymous with Auto-Tune (narrowly edging out Kanye West). Auto Tune, as I’ve written before, is a vocal pitch-correction software that is the bane of humanity’s existence. Here’s the commercial for the microphone:

As is evident from the ad, this is really worrying. Sure, the I Am T-Pain microphone is meant to be a fun toy. But, if I could slip into inner indignant old fogey mode for a moment, do we really want to encourage a generation of kids into thinking they can sing, when they really can’t? Can anything good come of this?

Somebody please bring back Cabbage Patch Dolls, or at least the Talking Elmo doll. Just don’t put him on Auto-Tune…