A list of U.S. foods that could face Canadian tariffs in meat dispute

VANCOUVER – A list of some of the U.S. items Canada may place tariffs on in an ongoing meat-labelling dispute between the two countries. Canada says the tariffs will cost Americans money and jobs, but Federal Agriculture Minister Gerry Ritz acknowledges that Canadian consumers may have to pay more for the products. Canada must get authorization from the World Trade Organization before moving ahead.

— Live bovine animals and swine

— Meat of bovine animals, fresh, chilled or frozen

— Cheese, with some exceptions

— Apples

— Cherries

— Corn

— Semi-milled or wholly milled rice

— Prepared or preserved meat from bovine animals

— Maple sugar and maple syrup

— Chocolate and other food preparations containing cocoa

— Ice-cream mix

— Pasta

— Corn flakes

— Bread, pastry, cakes, biscuits

— Frozen orange juice

— Tomato ketchup and other tomato sauces

— Wine and spirits

— Jewelry

— Swivel seats with variable height adjustment

— Wooden furniture of a kind used in offices

— Mattresses