A list of where some Canadian cities stand on backyard chickens

VICTORIA – The trend of backyard chickens for a farm-to-table egg experience is growing, with the latest business, called Rent The Chicken, opening in Greater Victoria. Here is a list of backyard chicken regulations for some Canadian cities:

— The City of Edmonton runs an urban hens pilot project and has issued 50 licences. Its Community Services Committee is studying potential issues and concerns associated with keeping urban hens and will report back to the city next year.

— Vancouver allows a maximum of four hens per lot, but no roosters are permitted. Residents are not allowed to slaughter the chickens in the backyard.

— Whitehorse residents can have six hens on their urban property as long as they apply for a permit, have the hens for personal use only and don’t sell the eggs, manure, meat or other chicken products.

— Victoria has no backyard chicken limits, but the numbers of chickens must be consistent with the residents’ personal egg use. No roosters are allowed. Tips on the city’s website include building a decent coop: “Don’t build a chicken coop out of three sheets of plywood and a hockey net unless you want to meet an Animal Control Officer.”

— Calgary, Winnipeg and Toronto do not allow backyard chickens, although bylaw officers in Toronto will only investigate if neighbours complain.

— Halifax has endured numerous backyard chicken debates, but so far the city does not permit chickens.

— In Montreal, some boroughs allow chickens, including in Mercier-Hochelaga-Maisonneuve where chickens are allowed in pens in eight community gardens.