Airbnb host banned after racial slur is used against guest

CHARLOTTE, N.C. – Airbnb says a host in North Carolina has been banned from the online room booking service after a prospective guest’s reservations were cancelled and she was called a racial slur.

News outlets report an unidentified black woman was initially approved for a room in Charlotte, but the host cancelled. Shani Taylor, a friend of the woman, posted an online message showing written comments purportedly from the host, calling the woman the N-word. The host was identified as Todd Warner.

Airbnb spokeswoman Courtney O’Donnell said the company was “horrified” by the messages. She didn’t say whether Airbnb verified they were genuine.

O’Donnell said Airbnb has offered the woman support, including a guarantee that she will have a safe place to stay.

A working telephone number for Warner couldn’t be found Thursday.