Airbus says its new A350 will fly for the 1st time on Friday; competes with Boeing 787 and 777

Airbus says its newest plane will fly for the first time on Friday.

The new A350 will take off from an airport near Paris on Friday morning. The company says the plane is getting its final checks before getting the green light for the flight.

The A350 will compete with Boeing’s new 787 as well as the 777. Both the 787 and the new A350 are more fuel-efficient than predecessors and will be used for long-haul flights.

The A350 still needs flight testing before it can be delivered to airlines. Airbus has booked orders for more than 600 of the planes. U.S. customers include United Continental Holdings Inc. and Hawaiian Airlines.

Airbus is aiming to begin deliveries in the second half of next year.