Alberta minister says cutting B.C. a cheque for Northern Gateway not an option

EDMONTON – Alberta’s intergovernmental affairs minister says giving British Columbia a bigger chunk of the economic benefits expected from the proposed Northern Gateway oilsands pipeline isn’t an option and doesn’t make sense.

Cal Dallas says each province has its own resources to develop — Saskatchewan doesn’t share it uranium wealth, and Ontario and Quebec don’t cut cheques to other provinces for money they make from mining.

Dallas says there may be constitutional issues if Alberta were to pay B.C. for it’s support of the pipeline.

Earlier today, the B.C. government outlined what the province needs to support the controversial Enbridge project

B.C. says it must receive a fair share of the economic benefits to reflect the risks such projects pose for taxpayers and the environment.

In a statement responding to the announcement, Alberta Premier Alison Redford called developing the pipeline a national imperative.