Albuquerque delays decision on solar proposal

ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. – The Albuquerque City Council wants more time to consider a resolution that calls for getting 25 per cent of the electricity used by city facilities from solar resources by 2025.

The vote to defer the measure for another two weeks came Monday night during an hours-long meeting.

The resolution calls for an implementation plan to be drafted by the city’s energy conservation council by 2017. The plan would cover various options from retrofitting existing city buildings with solar arrays to the construction of a new solar farm.

Councillors Pat Davis and Isaac Benton introduced the measure. They say it’s too hard to say how much the effort will cost given that the price of solar continues to drop.

They say the installation of more solar panels would serve as a hedge against rising energy prices and the effects of climate change.

From Munich, Germany, to Vancouver, British Columbia, cities around the world already have set targets to reduce emissions and boost the use of renewable energy.