Amazon cuts price of larger Kindle Fire HD, launches in Europe and Japan

SEATTLE – Amazon says it is cutting the price of its Kindle Fire HD with the 8.9-inch screen in the U.S.

The company said Wednesday that the version with Wi-Fi-only access is now $30 less, at $269. The version that can access “4G” cellular networks was cut by $100 to $399.

Buyers of the 4G version can buy a data plan for $50 for the first year. Inc. also said it began sales of the 8.9-inch model in Britain, Germany, France, Italy, Spain and Japan.

Dave Limp, vice-president of Amazon Kindle, said the expansion allows the company to boost production volume and cut costs. Amazon has said it makes slim to no profit on each device, aiming to make money when customers buy books, videos and other items from Amazon.