Argentine media regulator delivers disinvestment demand to Grupo Clarin

BUENOS AIRES, Argentina – Argentina’s broadcast regulator has given Grupo Clarin 15 days to formally respond to his latest notice that it must sell off most of its television and radio licenses.

“This law must be applied, and what we’ve done today … is initiate the process,” Martin Sabbatella said Thursday outside Clarin’s headquarters, where he personally delivered another ultimatum following the Supreme Court’s approval of ownership limits for broadcast media licenses.

Clarin said Sabatella’s show of delivering notice to Clarin’s newspaper and the offices of TodoNoticias, Canal 13 and Radio Mitre violate the letter and the spirit of the court’s ruling, by treating the group differently than its competitors. Clarin said it proves “the government is driven to advance against one of the few independent voices left in Argentina.”