B.C. says economic growth keeps greenhouse gas emissions hovering at two per cent

VANCOUVER – British Columbia has released its 2014 report on industrial greenhouse gas output that says carbon dioxide emissions from waste treatment, mining and smelter have dropped.

However, the Environment Ministry reports that overall industrial carbon dioxide emissions were up 2.1 per cent between 2013 and 2014.

Officials link the boost to improved economic growth and the resulting six per cent jump in emissions from the oil and gas production sector.

The ministry reports that there was a 6.8 per cent decline in CO2 emissions from waste treatment and a 7 per cent drop in greenhouse gases from mining and smelting.

In 2014, 131 industrial operations reported to government, representing 31 per cent B.C.’s total greenhouse gas emissions.

A carbon tax has been in place in B.C. since 2008 and the ministry states researchers have found per capita use of fuel has dropped 16 per cent across the province, compared with an increase in the rest of Canada.