Biden encourages last-minute health care applicants at help centre on deadline day

WASHINGTON – Vice-President Joe Biden is encouraging last-minute applicants for health care under President Barack Obama’s law that they are “going to be better off for it.”

With the White House looking for a surge on the final day of enrolment Monday, Biden greeted people visiting a Washington help centre. He says as long as applicants are in line by the midnight deadline, they’ll be allowed to finish their application.

The vice-president delivered the message at the auditorium at the Carlos Rosario International Public Charter School, a few miles from the White House.

He told people waiting at the school that once they have health care, they won’t have to stay in a job they don’t like. To the younger applicants, he said to just do it for mom.

“If you’re not willing to give yourself peace of mind, give your mom peace of mind,” Biden said.

In another effort to promote the health care law, the vice-president dished about romance, skin care and April Fool’s Day pranks in an interview with TV host Rachael Ray airing Monday.

The Obama administration is targeting its last-minute enrolment pitch toward younger Americans.