Bombardier will supply 20 more light rail vehicles to Manchester transit system

MONTREAL – Bombardier (TSX:BBD.B) will supply 20 additional light rail vehicles to Manchester’s transit system in the United Kingdom.

The option is part of the contract signed with Greater Manchester Passenger Transport Executive in 2007 and is valued at roughly US$51 million, with Bombardier’s share valued at about US$38 million, Bombardier said in a news release.

To date, Bombardier has delivered 54 vehicles to Manchester Metrolink transit system, Bombardier said Tuesday. The order for 20 more vehicles brings the total number of the energy efficient rail vehicles ordered to date to 94.

As consortium leader, Bombardier designs and manufactures the vehicles at its sites in Bautzen, Germany and Vienna, Austria. Bombardier’s Siegen plant in Germany is responsible for delivering the bogies. The consortium partner Vossloh Kiepe provides the electrical equipment.

A total of more than 3,500 Bombardier trams and light rail vehicles are in service or on order in cities across Europe, Australia and North America.