Canadians want more female representation on bank notes, poll suggests

OTTAWA – The results of a new online survey suggest many Canadians would like to see women better represented on bank notes.

The Bank of Canada poll asked for input on how bills could best reflect the country — the top responses included more gender equality and a better celebration of women.

Nearly 2,000 people weighed in from across the country in October and November — but the central bank says it was not intended to be a scientific or a representative survey.

The questionnaire comes after women’s groups were critical of the central bank for removing the so-called Famous Five women on the $50 note in the most-recent series of polymer bills.

The website for an online petition protesting the omission says it has gathered more than 52,000 signatures from people concerned about the shortage of women on bank-note designs.

In a posting last month on the petition website, organizer Merna Forster encouraged people to take the Bank of Canada survey to share their views on how Canadian bank notes exclude women.

The Bank of Canada is also inviting Canadians to participate in an online public consultation for a commemorative bank note to mark the country’s 150th birthday in 2017.