Cando Rail apologizes for runaway train that travelled through Regina

REGINA – The vice-president of Cando Rail is apologizing for a runaway rail car in Regina last week.

Lee Jebb says the air brake on the car was set but a worker was too far away to reach the hand brake when the air brake suddenly released.

The car full of asphalt rolled away from the Co-op oil refinery and travelled about four kilometres through the city, crossing a number of streets, along tracks owned by Canadian National Railway (TSX:CNR).

No one was hurt and no asphalt was spilled but Regina’s mayor and fire chief raised concerns that they were not informed about the incident until reporters called them three days later.

Jebb says he apologizes to the mayor and the city’s residents, saying that Cando regrets the incident “put everyone’s safety at risk.”

He says the company is “working to fix that up.”

Jebb says Cando employees followed emergency procedures including notifying the Regina police immediately when the rail car got loose and again when it was brought under control.

He says the company is conducting its own internal investigation and will release a full report this week to explain what happened.

“We’ll figure it out, we’ll fix it, we’ll get it right, and we’ll tell people what happened,” Jebb says, allowing the situation has revealed some gaps in communication.

He says Cando has reached out to the mayor’s office, the city manager, the fire department and the provincial department of highways.

“We’re pulling together a conversation with all the relevant departments and ministries at the city and the province to work and identify what went wrong and to plug some gaps here,” Jebb says.

The Transportation Safety Board is investigating the March 1 incident.

CN Rail has confirmed that it is suspending operations with Cando Rail as a contractor until further notice.