Cape Breton telecommunications company speaks out on Bell's new privacy policy

SYDNEY, N.S. – A Nova Scotia communications company says Bell shouldn’t be allowed to track how its customers use the web and watch television.

Parker Donham of Sydney-based Seaside Communications says his company does not plan to compile similar information.

“I think people find it creepy,” he said. “We don’t snoop around about people. We don’t gather all kinds of information about what they’re doing online and what they’re watching on TV.”

According to its recently updated privacy policy, Bell will begin collecting customer data on Nov. 16.

Bell has said the data will be used for improving network performance, creating marketing reports and selling targeted ads on mobile devices.

The company has also said the data it collects will not be linked with a customer’s identity.

A spokeswoman for Bell said it doesn’t comment on the positions of a competitor. But Jacqueline Michelis said in an email Monday that the company will “deliver online advertising to customers that’s most relevant to them.”

“No customer is required to participate,” she wrote. “You can opt out at any time, and we never release data on individual customers.

“If you don’t want us to use your data for this program, we won’t.”

(CJFX, The Canadian Press)