Chinese, US ride-hailing services form alliance to compete with Uber

BEIJING, China – Ride-hailing services Didi Kuaidi of China and Lyft of the United States have agreed to link their apps in a move that steps up competitive pressure on rival Uber.

Didi Kuaidi invested $100 million in San Francisco-based Lyft under the agreement announced Thursday.

The companies said customers from the United States and China will be able to use both companies’ apps when travelling to the other country. They said travellers made more than 7.8 million trips between the two countries in 2014.

The tie-up would support Lyft’s expansion in China, where Uber already operates. Didi Kuaidi says it serves some 200 million people in 360 Chinese cities. The company says it accounts for 80 per cent of China’s private car service market and more than 90 per cent of its taxi hailing service market.

“The global coverage partnership will improve users’ international travel experience and boost each partner’s global market impact,” said the announcement.

The two companies said they also will collaborate in technology and product development.