Computer poem: A floor by any other name would still be ...

HANOVER, N.H. – In a Dartmouth College computer vs. humans contest, specifically how computers compared with people in writing poetry, scientists designed artificial intelligence algorithms to generate Shakespearean sonnets, of 14 lines and a particular meter. In every instance, judges were able to identify the sonnets produced by computer. In this example, the word “floor” was programmed into an algorithm to produce the sonnet.

The dirty rusty wooden dresser drawer.

A couple million people wearing drawers,

Or looking through a lonely oven door,

Flowers covered under marble floors.

And lying sleeping on an open bed.

And I remember having started tripping,

Or any angel hanging overhead,

Without another cup of coffee dripping.

Surrounded by a pretty little sergeant,

Another morning at an early crawl.

And from the other side of my apartment,

An empty room behind the inner wall.

A thousand pictures on the kitchen floor,

Talked about a hundred years or more.