Day trips to U.S. dropped in March: StatsCan

OTTAWA – Statistics Canada says Canadian travel abroad declined 1.5 per cent to 5.2 million trips in March compared with February, mainly because of fewer day trips south of the border.

Overnight travel abroad increased, but fewer same-day car trips to the United States led to an overall decrease.

In total, Canadians made 2.6 million overnight trips outside the country in March, up 0.8 per cent from February and the highest monthly total since record-keeping started in 1972.

Overnight travel to the United States rose 0.7 per cent from February to 1.8 million trips, but same-day travel dropped by 3.6 per cent, more than offsetting the increase.

In the opposite direction, travel to Canada from the United States fell 2.1 per cent to 1.6 million trips, while visits by overseas residents to Canada rose 3.0 per cent to 407,000 trips, the highest level since May 2008.

Canadians made 790,000 trips overseas in March, a 1.0 per cent increase from February.