Delays in carbon rules mean Canada is locking in emissions, new research finds

OTTAWA – New research shows that delays in regulating greenhouse-gas emissions mean Canada is quickly “locking in” old-school infrastructure that will fill the air with carbons for decades to come.

The new research is by the soon-to-be-defunct National Round Table of the Environment and the Economy, the federally funded advisory group formed to give advice and research on sustainable development.

It’s likely the first time analysts have measured Canada’s shrinking room to manoeuvre as a result of investment that takes place under the old regime while waiting for governments to crack down on emissions.

The research concludes that the longer Ottawa waits to clamp down on the emissions and business continues as usual, the more difficult and costly it becomes to meet Canada’s environmental targets.

The research also shows that electricity could be Canada’s salvation, as long as that sector can attract huge investment of about $12 billion a year.