Endeavour Silver helping storm-stranded families near a Mexican property

VANCOUVER – A Canadian mining company says it’s providing emergency supplies to people living near one of its Mexican properties in an area that was hard-hit by hurricane Patricia — a powerful but short-lived storm.

Vancouver-based Endeavour Silver says the collapse of a bridge stranded some local residents and cut off their communications.

It says Endeavour vice-president Luis Castro is working with local officials to address the needs of about 80 families living near the company’s Terronera property and the Municipality of San Sebastian del Oeste, in Mexico’s Jalisco State.

It says there was no damage in the town or at the company’s property.

Endeavour (TSX:EDR) it has rescheduled its third-quarter financial results to Monday, 10 days earlier than expected.

Patricia peaked at sea off Mexico’s west coast last week and came ashore Friday evening with winds of 265 kilometres per hour.