Ex-Fortune 500 exec may get higher charge in NH crash that killed Vt. couple, unborn child

CONCORD, N.H. – A former Fortune 500 executive told police he was depressed and aiming to kill himself when he drove his full-size pick-up truck across a grassy highway median, went airborne and crushed to death a young Vermont couple expecting their first child in January.

Robert Dellinger survived the suicide attempt with cuts on his head and face. He was charged with reckless manslaughter, a crime that carries 15-30 years in prison if convicted.

What was going in the 53-year-old Dellinger’s mind and whether he showed extreme indifference to human life could get him a more serious charge of second-degree murder that carries up to life in prison.

Jason Timmons and Amanda Murphy suffered injuries a medical examiner said were consistent with a plane crash. The fetus did not survive.