Federal government to outline next round of civil service job cuts

OTTAWA – Thousands more federal civil servants are expected to find out today that they could be losing their jobs.

Civil service unions say more than 4,000 federal employees could be affected by the announcements, with the Public Service Alliance of Canada expecting their members to take the biggest hit.

Thousands of others have already been told they either no longer have a job, or soon will be looking for work, as part of the Harper government’s plan to find more than $5 billion in savings.

Nearly a dozen departments and agencies are to reveal job cut numbers today, including some where a first round of cuts have already been announced, such as the Fisheries Department, Transport Canada and the Human Resources Department.

Employees at Revenue Canada and the Justice Department, where no cuts had been announced previously, could also be affected.

The government announced in its March budget that it would cut more than 19,000 civil service jobs.