Fewer than one per cent of Canadians will cut the cord on traditional TV in 2013

MONTREAL – Deloitte Canada is predicting that less than one per cent of Canadians will “cut the cord” on traditional TV services in 2013.

Deloitte’s annual survey of tech trends says the number of Canadians who pay for TV is up in the last year, not down.

Deloitte analyst Duncan Stewart said live sports is one reason why Canadians are not dropping traditional TV services from cable, satellite or telecom providers.

Stewart says his 2012 predictions that five per cent of tablets would be sold to households that already own a tablet and that half a billion smartphones costing $100 or less would be sold globally were both correct.

He says Deloitte’s 2012 tech predictions scored an 82 per cent accuracy level. But his prediction that online display ads would grow 50 per cent on the Internet wasn’t even close.