Fortune 500 Trivia: Who's in, who's out and who has the biggest bank account

Wal-Mart regained the No. 1 title on Fortune’s 2013 list of the top 500 companies, with Exxon Mobil dropping back to runner-up. According to Fortune, the world’s biggest retailer has held the top spot nine times since 1955, swapping only with the oil giant (13 times) and Detroit stalwart General Motors (37 times).

Some more items of note from Fortune’s 2013 lineup:

New Additions: Facebook, make their debuts on the list

Who’s Missing: Eastman Kodak doesn’t make it in for the first time since the list began in 1955

Most Profitable: Exxon Mobil with $44.88 billion in net income and Apple with $41.73 billion