German exports stagnate in April; imports sink slightly

BERLIN – German exports were unchanged in April while imports slowed slightly as Europe’s strongest economy showed signs of stagnation.

The Federal Statistical Office said Thursday that adjusted for calendar and seasonal factors, Germany exported 101.3 billion euros ($115.3 billion)of goods in April, unchanged from March, and imported goods worth 77.4 billion euros, down 0.2 per cent on the previous month.

Germany’s adjusted trade surplus was 24 billion euros.

Compared to April 2015, exports to European Union countries rose 7.3 per cent while exports from other countries dropped 0.7 per cent. Imports from EU countries rose 2 per cent, while falling 3.8 per cent from elsewhere.

ING-DiBa analyst Carsten Brzeski says after strong first quarter growth, “all hard data for April was weaker than in the first quarter and GDP growth looks set for a slowdown.”