Greek ferries tied up in port during 24-hour seamen's strike

ATHENS, Greece – Greek ferries suspended their routes to and from the country’s islands Thursday due to a 24-hour seamen’s strike protesting pension cuts and other measures arising from Greece’s bailout commitments.

The walkout came as the country’s largest civil servants’ union staged a 24-hour strike against austerity measures. Hundreds of protesters marched through the centre of Athens in a peaceful demonstration.

Greece has been surviving on rescue loans from three international bailouts since 2010, when rising borrowing costs left it locked out of bond markets.

Talks between the left-led government and creditors are on hold, with Greece accusing bailout hardliners of proposing cuts that would be a “social disaster.”

Greece wants to overcome differences with lenders and the International Monetary Fund by early December to unlock more funds and trigger debt relief talks.