Greek left opposition leader says euro exit easy to swallow - like downing a glass of water

ATHENS, Greece – A left-wing opposition leader is telling voters they won’t find a Greek exit from the common European currency hard.

Former energy minister Panagiotis Lafazanis says his Popular Unity party’s avowed aim of adopting a new national currency — which most Greeks oppose — would be as simple “as drinking a glass of water.”

The key difficulty would be taking the political decision, he told a news conference Thursday. He added that the new currency might suffer a “small, limited devaluation.”

Lafazanis was instrumental in bringing down Greece’s seven-month radical left Syriza government, which has forced early elections on Sept. 20. His party of disaffected Syriza officials is polling at 4 per cent.

Most economists say a new Greek currency would be savagely devalued, pulverizing already battered living standards.