Greek unemployment dips to still high level of 25.5 per cent in 3rd quarter

ATHENS, Greece – Official Greek figures show unemployment in the country fell further to 25.5 per cent in the third quarter from 26.6 per cent in the previous quarter.

Thursday’s figures from the Hellenic Statistical Authority, which are not adjusted for seasonal factors, show that just over 1.2 million people are unemployed in Greece, which has a population of around 11 million. The jobless rate fell by 6.9 per cent compared to the same three months last year, when it stood at 27.2 per cent.

Young people continue to be the most badly affected, with unemployment in the 15-24 age range standing at 49.5 per cent.

Greece has been relying on rescue loans from other European countries and the International Monetary Fund since 2010. Its savage six-year recession came to an end earlier this year.