Greenpeace says allegations it made about Resolute Forest Products were wrong

TORONTO – Greenpeace Canada says comments it made last year about Resolute Forest Products breaching an agreement protecting boreal forests were wrong.

In a short statement released on Tuesday, the environmental rights group says it has since learned that the allegations it made were inaccurate, and all references to them have been removed from its website and other educational materials.

Last December, Greenpeace had repeatedly accused Resolute (TSX:RFP) of approving and developing roads in “areas of suspended harvest.”

The group had also alleged that the Montreal-based pulp, paper and lumber company was “secretly logging”
on protected forestry roads.

“Greenpeace sincerely regrets its error,” it said in a statement.

The Canadian Boreal Forest Agreement was signed in May 2010 as a truce please both the forest industry and environmentalists. Since then, its implementation has lagged due to the complexity of the area covered under the initiative.

Canada has about one third of the boreal forest, which is home to an estimated 140,000 species of plants, animals, micro-organisms. It is also a rich resource for loggers.