Hacker who helped FBI thwart hundreds of cyberattacks sentenced to time served

NEW YORK, N.Y. – An admitted computer hacker who helped the FBI thwart hundreds of cyberattacks on government and corporate computer systems will get no more prison time.

Hector Xavier Monsegur (HAH’-vee-ehr MAHN’-see-gur) was sentenced Tuesday in Manhattan to the time he already served — seven months.

Prosecutors also have credited Monsegur with helping cripple the group of so-called hacktivists known as Anonymous.

Monsegur once led an Anonymous splinter group that stole information from Fox television, Nintendo and other businesses.

Prosecutors say when FBI agents showed up at his Manhattan home in 2011, he immediately agreed to co-operate in a widespread hacking investigation.

Prosecutors say the Anonymous movement vilified Monsegur on the Internet for his co-operation. The threats became so severe he had to relocate.