Half of Canada's Internet users also using mobile device, TV to get online

TORONTO – Just over half of Canada’s Internet users are using a mobile device or their TV to get online, suggests a new report.

According to the Media Technology Monitor, about 52 per cent of Canadian web users have a computer and at least one other device at their disposal to use the web: either a smartphone, a tablet or a TV with Internet connectivity.

The report also focuses in on a small minority of Canadians that use the Internet on all four devices.

About three per cent of Canada’s Internet users access the web on a computer, smartphone, tablet and TV, and not surprisingly, spend a lot more time online than average.

A so-called “four screen” user is on the web about 27.1 hours a week, compared to 16.5 hours for average Canadian Internet users, says the report.

Four screen users also tend to watch less conventional TV and seek out more content online. The average Internet user watches about 14.3 hours of TV a week, compared to 11.8 hours for four screen users, says Media Technology Monitor.