Infosys whistleblower files new Labor Department complaint against global tech firm

The whistleblower who helped trigger a federal investigation into visa practices by the outsourcing firm Infosys has filed a new complaint against the company, saying it continues to retaliate against him.

Mark Griffin, an attorney for former Infosys employee Jay Palmer, confirmed Wednesday his client filed a claim with the Department of Labor in March.

“All I ever wanted was my job back and to work for the company,” Palmer told The Associated Press.

The India-based firm said in an emailed statement that Palmer’s complaint rehashes issues a federal court in Alabama dismissed in 2012. It said the complaint was without merit, adding that Palmer resigned and released Infosys from his claims.

Last year, Infosys agreed to a record $34 million settlement with the U.S. Justice Department over allegations it misused short-term business visas to bring in temporary tech workers. Prosecutors had accused Infosys of hiring the workers out to corporate clients. Infosys admitted no wrongdoing.

In the earlier Alabama case, Palmer said the company retaliated against him after he complained about its visa practices. In dismissing that lawsuit, U.S. District Judge Myron Thompson wrote that Alabama law did not protect against the alleged retaliation Palmer claimed.