Ireland's unemployment rate falls to 3-year low of 13.7 per cent as jobs grow, young emigrate

DUBLIN – Ireland’s unemployment rate has fallen to a three-year low of 13.7 per cent, reflecting a mixed picture involving overall jobs growth combined with higher rates of young people giving up the hunt or emigrating.

The Central Statistics Office report Thursday explained why Ireland’s unemployment rate has improved since peaking at 15.1 per cent last year.

It said the number of unemployed people actively seeking work fell in April to 292,000, 9.3 per cent lower than a year ago. The number in work rose 1.1 per cent over the 12-month period to nearly 1.85 million.

But most job gainers are aged 35 or older, and much of the new work is for part-time positions.

Those aged 15 to 34 in the labour force fell by more than 42,000, or 5 per cent, over the year.