Italy's Renzi hails new Alfa Romeo as sign of economic hope

ROME – Italian Premier Matteo Renzi is hailing the new Alfa Romeo sedan by Fiat Chrysler, which he says will add 3,400 jobs in Italy and symbolizes the country’s economic potential.

Four models of the new Giulia model were parked Thursday in the courtyard of the government’s headquarters, with Renzi inspecting a shiny red model.

The Giulia is key to Fiat Chrysler Automobiles’ ambitions to boost production in Italy for export.

Renzi says auto manufacturing will help Italy’s economy, which has been struggling for years, adding that the Giulia transmits a message “of starting again and of Italian style.”

FCA has slowed the rollout of Alfas, mainly due to weakness in China’s economy. But CEO Sergio Marchionne said this week he’s convinced China has a “‘real, live market” for Alfa.