Jury hears final arguments in Las Vegas Sands contract case; verdict expected in coming days

LAS VEGAS, Nev. – A nine-year-old breach of contract case against casino giant Las Vegas Sands is nearing an end.

A jury could begin deliberations Friday after hearing conflicting stories from lawyers about the role that Hong Kong businessman Richard Suen played in helping Sands enter the Chinese gambling enclave of Macau.

On Friday morning, Sands attorney Richard Sauber said in his closing argument that the company knew about opportunities in Macau in the early 2000s and did not need Suen’s help.

Suen’s attorneys say it’s impossible to know how things would have turned out if Sands had not consulted with Suen, who is suing for $328 million.

A jury decided in Suen’s favour in 2008, but the Nevada Supreme Court overturned the verdict.