Lilydale adds roasted turkey product to previous recall over Listeria concern

OTTAWA – A previously announced recall of Lilydale cooked chicken has been expanded to include cooked turkey breasts from the same company, due to possible Listeria contamination.

The Canadian Food Inspection Agency said the products were sold nationally and shouldn’t be consumed.

The expanded recall includes Lilydale Oven Roasted Carved Turkey Breast in 400-gram packages, with best-before dates up to April 10.

The initial March 25 recall was for Lilydale Oven Roasted Carved Chicken Breast in 400-gram packages with best-before dates up to April 28.

Edmonton-based Lilydale says that there hasn’t been any reported illnesses associated with the products.

Listeria is a common type of bacteria that can sometimes make people sick. One type of Listeria was blamed for the death of 22 people in 2008 who ate contaminated deli meats from a Maple Leaf Foods plant in Toronto.