Lufthansa cabin crew going on strike in Frankfurt, Duesseldorf; many flights to be cancelled

BERLIN – Germany’s Lufthansa says it’s working on an emergency plan but will still need to cancel numerous outgoing flights from Frankfurt and Duesseldorf airports due to a cabin crew strike.

The airline, Germany’s largest, said Friday that it would still be able to offer at least eight of its long-haul flights from Frankfurt after the strike starts at 2 p.m. (1300 GMT). It has also reserved 2,500 hotel rooms in the city.

Lufthansa plans to post a revised flight schedule online later in the morning and says subsidiary airlines aren’t affected.

The UFO union said earlier this week its members would go on strike for a week, starting Friday, if its demands were not met.

Among other things, it wants transition payments for its 19,000 members if they choose early retirement.