Major renovation aims to give England's Stonehenge ancient grandeur and modern facilities

STONEHENGE, England – It has been standing for thousands of years, so Britain’s ancient Stonehenge monument was due a makeover.

New visitor facilities and landscaping previewed Tuesday are designed to “restore the dignity” of the mysterious stone circle, and transform the way more than 1 million visitors a year see it.

The 27 million pound ($44 million) renovation includes a new building 1.5 miles (2.4 kilometres) from the stones where visitors can watch an exhibition about Neolithic life.

They can then walk to Stonehenge down an ancient processional walkway, or take a shuttle bus.

The new facilities open to the public Wednesday.

Simon Thurley, who heads governing body English Heritage, said visitors would be able to see the stones “free from the clutter and rubbish” that have been built up around them.