Malgosia Green


Malgosia Green
Sounder & CEO, Savvica

Everything in Green’s life is fast-paced. After graduating from University of Waterloo in 2002, she spent a year as a systems engineer in Texas before returning to Canada to start an e-learning company with her husband in the same month they were married. Within a year, she was in Silicon Valley working for a social-networking startup. Just 14 months later, that company was bought by Monster Worldwide for US$61 million. Soon after, an Indian education entrepreneur familiar with Green’s background offered to back her financially on yet another venture: Savvica, a student recruitment hub that’s become India’s leading education-marketing company. Based in Toronto, Savvica connects Indian students—the world’s largest post-secondary market—with more than 110 foreign university partners as well as 70 Indian schools. In four years, the company has grown to 75 staff, including 65 in India. Green makes quarterly trips to the subcontinent, cognizant that managing across long distances makes it “difficult to build trust and easy to have misunderstandings.”

On keeping your cool: “Never react. Always step back and take some time before you formulate a response, because when you react right away, it tends to be emotional, and while it may be sincere, it might not come across the right way.”


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