Manitoba says it may have sent business payroll info to wrong addresses

WINNIPEG – The Manitoba government is warning six businesses that its tax information may have been mistakenly sent to other companies.

Manitoba Finance says six returns for health and post-secondary education tax levy accounts display the business name, address, account number and reported total payroll may have been included in envelopes for other businesses.

The provincial department says as soon as the error was discovered, it took immediate action to find and correct the problem.

Manitoba Finance is directly notifying all businesses that may be affected.

Business owners who have not received a return or received a return along with one for another business are asked to contact Manitoba Finance.

The province has also advised the Manitoba Ombudsman of the situation.

“Manitoba Finance takes the confidentiality of tax information very seriously,” the province said in a news release.

“The department apologizes for this error, continues to investigate and will take corrective action as recommended.”