Maritime students make university choices based on career plans: survey

FREDERICTON – A survey suggests Grade 12 students in the Maritimes base their decisions on which university to attend on future career plans.

The Maritime Provinces Higher Education Commission found career was the most important reason behind their school choice for seven in 10 students.

The commission says that is three times the number of those who cite learning as their main motivation.

Commission CEO Mireille Duguay says before leaving high school, six in 10 students are already planning to pursue a second degree after their first and the majority expect to be able to find a job related to their university program.

The survey also says students who come from highly educated families are more than twice as likely to plan to attend university as those whose parents have a high school diploma or less.

The survey was distributed to 175 Maritime high schools and polled 5,219, or 25 per cent of, Grade 12 students in the region.