Obama meets with new acting IRS head Daniel Werfel, expects report back in 30 days

WASHINGTON – The White House says President Barack Obama has met with Daniel Werfel, the new acting commissioner of the Internal Revenue Service.

The Treasury Department says Treasury Secretary Jacob Lew told Werfel to take steps immediately to ensure the IRS is acting in an unbiased way.

Werfel was previously the controller of the Office of Management and Budget, a job akin to a chief financial officer. He’s replacing Steven Miller, who was ousted Wednesday amid revelations that the IRS improperly singled out conservative groups for special scrutiny.

Lew also directed Werfel to perform a thorough review of the IRS and to report back to Obama within 30 days. He’s asking Werfel to ensure staff who acted inappropriately are held accountable and to correct any failures in the IRS system.