Ontario politicians agree to postpone summer break to pass budget bill

TORONTO – Ontario politicians have agreed to postpone their summer break by at least a week as part of a deal to get the minority government’s budget bill passed.

The legislature will add one extra week to the spring session, sitting until June 14, and will have to come back again towards the end of the month to pass the budget bill.

The Conservatives have been using stalling tactics in the legislature to protest the limited time available for hearings into the scandal at the Ornge air ambulance service.

The Tories have agreed to abandon their protest in exchange for an extra six days of committee hearings into Ornge over the summer.

The NDP had been demanding more hearings into the budget bill, and are pleased the Liberals agreed to the extra week of sitting.

The Liberals point out they didn’t have to make any more concessions to their budget bill to get agreement from the two other parties.

The minority government had earlier agreed to an NDP call for a surtax on incomes over $500,000 to get the budget motion passed.