Parent of Pizza Delight and other Canadian restaurant chains shakes up HQ

MONTREAL – Imvescor Restaurant Group Inc. (TSX:IRG) is cutting its corporate staff by about 10 per cent and moving its corporate finance department from Moncton, N.B., to its headquarters in Montreal.

A company spokesman said Tuesday the company behind the Pizza Delight, Baton Rouge, Scores and Mikes restaurants is cutting nine people from its corporate staff of 95.

Daniel Granger, said the reductions involved six positions in Montreal and three in Moncton — two of whom have already resigned, the company’s chief financial officer, Stephane LeBlanc, and his assistant.

Tania Melanie Clarke has been appointed as its new chief financial officer, one of several recent changes to the management team.

Imvescor says the corporate finance department will be moved from Moncton to the Montreal headquarters before the end of November.

The remaining 14 members of the corporate finance department in Moncton will be given a chance to relocate.