Peter Max, the progenitor of psychedelic art, still living the colorful vibe he created

LOS ANGELES, Calif. – If you haven’t already seen one of Peter Max’s paintings or drawings today, chances are you will.

Max, the peace-and-love guru of modern art, burst onto the pop scene nearly 50 years ago with his wildly colorful, psychedelic-tinged paintings of rock stars, planets and American icons.

A half-century later, the 77-year-old artist shows no signs of slowing.

His work has graced everything from an ocean liner to an airliner to U.S. postage stamps. It’s been the official art of the World Series and Super Bowl.

And he says he still cranks it out at the rate of about a painting a day from his New York studio. Most weekends these days, he’s selling it at gallery exhibitions around the country.

Max is in Los Angeles this weekend.